ART X SCIENCE — Tangible Computing

Documentary short film about a new generation of artists who create artworks infused with software, programming and computing technology.

Featured in XQ Institute's launch campaign "Rethink". Join the movement to #RethinkHighSchool. Video credit: XQ Institute
Part of a series of forward-thinking Interactive Media courses at UNSW Art & Design (formerly College of Fine Arts, COFA). This promotional film includes an official welcome by Associate Professor Mari Velonaki, director of the Creative Robotics Lab at the National Institute of Experimental Arts.
ROLE: Director, Cinematographer, Editor & Colourist
Where There's Smoke, There's Fire: MoCap
LEGACY 2.0: Short Film
BNP Paribas "ASEAN Fund Passport"
Murmuration Dance Theatre "Emerge"
Redemption: Short Film
Cerulean: Short Film
Room 87: Short Film
Radicalized: Short Film
Telstra Health "ComCare"
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