Telstra Health "ComCare"

Catering to the unique needs of the Australian Aged and Community Care sector.

Telstra Health’s Comcare is Australia’s leading cloud-based community management platform. It empowers community care organisations by providing all the information they need about their staff and clients in a centralised and integrated solution.
ROLE: Colourist
DIRECTOR: David den Engelsman
Where There's Smoke, There's Fire: MoCap
Our Heritage (360/VR)
Room 87: Short Film
SBS VR “NITV: Change the Date”
The Kindness of Strangers: Short Film
Fairfax Media "Eye Tracking Research" (360/VR)
Paradigm Shift: Animatic
Life of Pi: Title Animation
Life Class: Feature Film
ART X SCIENCE — Tangible Computing
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