Where There's Smoke, There's Fire: MoCap

Part of the "Motion" exhibition at Bega Valley Regional Gallery.

For motion capture, we hooked up and calibrated an array of ten Vicon T40S cameras to the Blade system. From the captured point cloud data, particles and volumetrics were procedurally generated, rendered and selectively composited. Equipment provided by UNSW Art & Design (formerly College of Fine Arts, COFA).
ROLE: Motion Capture Operator, FX TD (Particles & Dynamics), Compositor & Editor
​​​​​​​TEAM CHROMES 2015
Capturing the performance of team member Zac Simpson. It begins with the T-pose. Photo credit: Silversalt
Radicalized: Short Film
LEGACY 2.0: Short Film
The Kindness of Strangers: Short Film
Alfred J Hemlock: Short Film
Cerulean: Short Film
Paradigm Shift: Animatic
Room 87: Short Film
Life Class: Feature Film
Life of Pi: Title Animation
Murmuration Dance Theatre "Emerge"
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